If you’re of drinking age in America, you’ve probably heard of craft beer.

Craft brews aren’t just a drink in this day and age, they’re a ~lifestyle~.

We’ve put together a list of fun facts for you to drop at your next party, or night of bar hopping, that’ll make you seem ever so smart and hip. Even to that guy with the collection of vintage snifters and the handle bar mustache.


1.Beer is good for you!

Well, sort of. Craft beer is full of silicon, which is a powerful agent in bone strengthening. One (or two) a day can contribute to a stronger skeletal system. The next time someone notices that that you’ve maybe packed on a few lbs, you can tell them “ITS MY BONES, I SWEAR.”


Imagine how much better you’ll be able to open pickles now!


2. Frosty Glass = Foamy Draft

Ice crystals on the outside of a frozen glass can interfere with the level of foam in your drink – which is generally, frowned upon. Not only that, but the melting ice will mingle with your beer, and add nasty freezer flavors to your drink. Ew. Our recommendation? If you’re investing in a high quality craft beer, drink it from a room temperature glass. It’s better this way.


3. The Malt Makes the Color

Ever wonder what exactly creates the golden hue of your amber ale, or the dreamy dark brown of your favorite stout? It all has to do with the malt content. Malted barley is roasted to varying degrees, creating different types and shades of beer. A lightly roasted malt will produce a beverage pale in color. Heavily roasted means a darker beer. Pretty simple, right?


4. Home-brewing is Awesome

^^Actual fact. So awesome that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and even Barack Obama did it WHILE they were serving in office. Thinking about dabbling in the art yourself? Do it! We’ll color you a lightly toasted amber and call you POTUS.



Actual photo of Washington’s home brew.



5. America’s Favorite

What is the largest brewery with the most commonly bought craft beer in America, you may ask? Far and above, the winner is Yuengling Lager. Not that surprising really, when you realize the product dates all the way back to 1829. Plus the lager is affordable, and totally palatable.


Now go on and commit these tasty facts to memory, and proudly regurgitate at your next crafty soiree.




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