About a month ago, we took a close look at what all the hype is about when it comes to beer festivals.  Although just getting yourself to the event it the easy part.  After that, you have a lengthy drinking session ahead and with so many options, it can seem overwhelming.  If you aren’t careful and plan ahead, you could miss out on some great brews.   Not only that but the hangover you have the next day could keep you from ever coming back.  So here are some things to keep in mind the next time you go beer sampling.

Thou hast chugged one too many ales!

Thou hast chugged one too many ales!


Nothing can turn you off quicker from events like this than a killer hangover. Although some novice attendees will probably make fun of your for being the safety officer, don’t let that stop you.  Even though the effects won’t be felt until the next day, mixing in some water in between beers will do you a world of good later.   Because of that, making sure you drink lots of water and staying hydrated are probably the two most important things you can do to ensure a good time.   Especially when it comes to longer festivals or ones with multiple sessions, this also goes a long way to make sure you are still upright at the end of the evening and don’t miss work on Monday.

2 —>  Cash is King

Another tip that might seem boring but can make a huge difference when it comes to added festival perks.  Whether its buying food from vendors that will help you avoid that wicked hangover or brewery swag (like from Laughing Water Outfitters!), cash is sometimes the only option.  Cash can also be good to have on hand for tipping food trucks, those serving your beer or any other festival staff that you feel might be worthy of a little extra gratitude.  Especially if the festival has music or other artists, being able to give a little extra to someones who’s hard work you appreciate is always a good thing.

3 —> Make a List

Some beer fests, like GABF, can literally have hundreds of different beers to sample.  Chances are, you’ve tried a lot of them before and others just aren’t your thing.  Whether a list of beers is provided ahead of time or you scope it out once you get there, focusing on specific beers is key.  By knowing which beers look the most interesting, you can avoid wasting precious drinking time.  Whether its a specific beer or an individual brewery, having a focused approach helps get the most out of your experience.  After all, no one likes to see beer go to waste!

 4 —> Timing is everything 

Many breweries will bring rare brews or debut new ones to events like these.  Getting to the festival on time can help make sure you get a chance to sample these highly sought after beers.  Not only that, it helps guarantee that the beers on your list will still be available.  But its not just about getting in line first.  Often times, breweries will wait until later in the fest to tap kegs of special brews.  Knowing the schedule for these special releases can mean getting the chance to try beers that may never come around again.

Not that kind of beer timing! Close though.

Not that kind of beer timing! Close though.

Beer festivals are a good time on there own and this guide isn’t the only thing to consider. But if you follows these few simple rules, make sure you have a designated driver and respect your fellow beer drinkers your experience will be that much better.


Cheers to that!