honor_originalThis week’s featured beer comes from Honor Brewing Company out of Chantilly, VA about 30 minutes west of Washington, DC. Their Night Vision Maple Porter feels just right for the season, even though warmer weather may have some folks thinking of Hefeweizens and Pilsners.  A well balanced Porter provides the base for this brew with roasted notes that are subtle, keeping it from being too heavy.  This beer is no weak brew though and has a nice body and mouthfeel to it, upholding the strong tradition of all great Porters.  The aroma helps the beer live up to its name with sweet Maple coming through right away, complimented by hints of cinnamon.  That same cinnamon stays with you throughout and leaves a pleasant aftertaste as well.  All in all, the Night Vision Porter is a very well balanced beer with a few surprises to help it stand out in the crowd.

Not only is this brew from Honor Brewing a great selection but the mission of the brewery is something to be noted as well.  With deep ties to military service, the owning partners have committed to honoring and providing support to military veterans and their families.   Check their website out if you want to learn more about their beers and the great work they are doing.