Now that spring has officially arrived, it’s time to start thinking about warm weather beer.  The Croydon Cream Ale from Neshaminy Creek hits the spot when it comes to visions of picnics and backyard BBQs.  Based out of Croydon, PA, on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Neshaminy Creek has been gaining national attention with some of the great brews they are producing.  The Croydon Cream Ale continues that tradition and delivers everything you might look for in this classic American Style. A self-described “Lawnmower Ale”, it’s super smooth and easy drinking, coming in at a very manageable 4.2% ABV.   It carries a nice, light malty character with just enough bitterness to keep it well balanced.  Not only that but it comes packaged in 12 oz cans, making it perfect for camping and, well, lawn mowing!  This one might not be as flashy as some of their other offerings but it certainly does the trick as a great session ale. With every sip of this super smooth and drinkable cream ale, I can feel myself getting one step closer to summer.

Cheers to that!