Craft beer and pizza. Need we say more?

Some things in this life just make sense together: Peanut butter and jelly. America and freedom. Beer and hops.

Yes, pizza and craft beer is one of the most classically enjoyable matches, designed by the gods and then delivered unto us for our tasting pleasure.

Am I being hyperbolic? Maybe. Am I wrong? Absolutely not.

Whether your taste prefers an artisanal, wood-fired pie, or a pizzeria style delivery, there’s a craft beer and pizza pairing for your favorite slice.



1.) Margherita Pizza with Pale Ale

Best Craft Beer and Pizza Pairings

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The general rule to follow for pairing novices, is to match the flavor intensity and profile of your food, to your beer. A margherita pizza is subtle, fresh, and herbaceous in flavor. It is best complimented by a craft beer which is equally mellow and nuanced. A classic Pale Ale is balanced, with a soft mouth feel; perfect to cleanse the palette, allowing the flavors of the pizza to really shine.

Recommendations:  Fort Point Pale Ale (Trillium Brewing Co), LIVE  (Southern Tier Brewing),  Doggie Style Pale Ale (Flying Dog Brewery)


2.) Hawaiian Pizza with Citrus Beer

For the camps out there that avidly support the Hawaiian pizza, finding a flavor match-up for this style can be tricky. For this we recommend a citrus beer. Something bursting with grapefruit, orange peel, or lime can really help to contrast the salty ham, while complimenting the sweetness of the pineapple.

Recommendations: Homefront IPA (Center of the Universe Brewing), Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale (Elysian Brewing Co.), Grapefruit Sculpin (Ballast Point)


3.) Pepperoni (or meat lovers) with IPA

Pepperoni pizza – a tried and true crowd pleaser. What type of craft beer matches that flavor profile quite so well as an IPA? None, I tell you. The greasy, salty delight of a meaty pizza is washed clean with the bitter bite of an India Pale Ale – so that you may enjoy every bite like it’s the first. Plus, with that load of protein, fat, and carbs, the higher ABV of an IPA becomes less intimidating.


Recommendations: Perpetual IPA (Troegs Brewing Co.), Eight Point IPA (Devil’s Backbone Brewing), Duckpin (Union Craft Brewery)


4.)Mushroom and Veggie Pizza with Stout

Mushroom and veggie heavy pizza is usually enjoyed by folks with an earthier flavor preference. A dry stout will match the savory, rich notes of the pizza. On the other side of the coin, a chocolate stout offers a sweet flavor to contrast the savory profile.

Recommendations: A,B,C